David's Tabernacle: How God's Presence Changes Everything by Matthew Lilley

"God described David as a 'man after his own heart.' David's Tabernacle helps you and I discover what was in David's heart that moved the heart of God. This is one of the best books written on the subject. I highly recommend it!"

-Dr. Jason Hubbard, International Prayer Council

An ancient pattern of worship is re-emerging on the earth. In Acts 15, the apostle James quotes the book of Amos, declaring that the “tabernacle of David” will be restored, and the people of the earth will respond to God’s gracious invitation into fellowship with Him. David’s tabernacle is being restored in our day by the enthronement of God upon the praises of His people through worship!

The Lord is birthing a global day-and-night worship and prayer movement that will lead to a historic harvest of souls entering His Kingdom. Worship creates encounter with the living God and His presence, bringing heaven to earth: wholeness and transformation to individuals, to cities, and to nations. You will discover your original purpose and eternal destiny as you step into David’s Tabernacle.

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"David’s Tabernacle is a much needed book in an hour that the Church desperately needs answers... Through these pages Matthew offers historical precedent as well as prophetic perspective on how the Lord is releasing ministry in the spirit of the Tabernacle of David in our day. I encourage you to read with a heart open and expectant as to what the Spirit is saying to the Church. I believe Matthew has captured the heart of the Lord for this hour and the days ahead."

- Billy Humphrey, Director, GateCity Church